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Bidding of Projeto Energia+
Bidding of Projeto Energia+ MDI 001/2015
Hiring of an experienced consulting company specialized in process and commercial norms revision and standardization to attend Eletrobras Distribution Companies; human resources quantitative and qualitative resizing; training for multipliers and implementation of norms and a methodology to assure those norms are being used accordingly.
Abertura: 27 de fevereiro de 2015

Bidding of Projeto Energia+ LPI 001/2014
Hiring companies to perform replacement and expansion works for medium and low voltage distribution grids to correct the status of clandestine or irregular customers in the concession areas of the following electric power distribution companies: Eletrobras: Amazonas Energia, Ceal, Cepisa, Ceron, Eletroacre and Boa Vista Energia.
Abertura: 08/27/2014

Bidding of Projeto Energia+ MDI 006/2014
Support to the management of subproject 1.2.5 of Projeto Energia+, at COMPANHIA ENERGÉTICA DO PIAUÍ, related to supervision and inspection of quality control of works and services, including preliminary analysis of projects, aiming for the normalization of consumer units in areas in which non technical losses are higher than 50%.
Abertura: 05/27/2014

Bidding of Projeto Energia+ LPI 002/2014
Supply and Installation of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure  AMI
Abertura: 06/24/2014

Bidding of Projeto Energia+ MDI 001/2016
Hiring process of corporate consultancy services for the revision and standardization of commercial processes and standards of distribution companies in the Eletrobras system, methodology preparation for training of multipliers users and methodology preparation for technical audits in their respective uses.
Abertura: 18 july 2016